Clever Robot Labs

At Clever Robot Labs we have created the next generation of AR games that are immersive, multiplayer and persistent.

  • AR Games

    Our core technology drives immersive AR game experiences. With our ability to instant remapping of floors, walls and objects in the room we can transform any room into another world. Our tech can be deployed to any AR capable platform, so as new AR headsets become available we’ll be there.

  • AR Cloud

    You can’t have truly engaging games without multiplayer. That’s were our AR cloud comes into play. Super light and super-fast, our solution works on today’s existing infrastructure.

  • AR Authoring

    Customizing games is fun, and we make it easy for you with a simple drag and drop authoring portal. Linked to our AR Cloud your creations are permanently etched into the real world for all to see and experience.

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